Who needs mums?!

These gorgeous plants are blooming or will be in bloom soon for some much needed color in your Spring time landscape!



Where: Part shade/Dappled shade

Bloom time:  Various shades of pink, maroon, peach, and white in Early spring

Maintenance: Low maintenance; cut back damaged or dead foliage in late fall

Varieties: Winter Thriller Hybrids, Royal Heritage, Snow Love






Where: Full Sun/Part Shade

Bloom time:  Periwinkle Blue flowers in May; awesome gold fall foliage!

Maintenance: Low maintenance; native to the Northeastern US

Varieties: Blue Ice



Where: Full Sun

Bloom time:  Pink trumpet flowers in May/June; burgundy foliage

Maintenance: Low maintenance; selective pruning to maintain shape and size

Varieties: Wine and Roses, Fine Wine



Where: Sun to Part Shade

Bloom time:  Early Spring

Maintenance: Low maintenance

Varieties:  Vanilla Twist (white flowers, weeping), Summer’s Tower (upright habit)



Where: Full Sun

Bloom time:  Spring

Maintenance: Low maintenance

Varieties:  Royal Burgundy (burgundy foliage), Lemon Splash (variegated leaf),

Little Twist (dwarf)